Scrappy not charged in scary car accident that had him hospitalized

The 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' star got lucky.


Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star, Scrappy is thanking his lucky stars for a number of reasons this week.

The rapper was in a car accident on Sunday morning that landed him and pal, Casino Roulette in the hospital for serious injuries.

According to reports, Scrappy and Casino were other way home from a strip club when they cashed into a pole and both men were found on the ground outside the car when authorities arrived and neither were coherent enough to explain what happened.

Scrappy shared photos of the injuries he suffered including a broken foot that required surgery. and his comrade was in the ICU following the crash.

“Man God is great I can’t even show u the car o, thank God for given me a fam and people that rides with me @casinoroulette in here hurt too we fucked up but God saved our lives #Godisgreat#Mercy #Grace im blessed with a wife and daughter to help me back up but God is great and we are alive thanks big God #hospitalflow thank u to my moms too who came and made sure her Baybay aight and my mother in law came thru thank you too,” he posted.



Police didn’t find any evidence of drugs or alcohol and have decided not to charge the reality star with any crimes. They say the accident was likely due to the speed he was driving. There were no witnesses, but surveillance cameras caught the accident on tape.

Scrappy reportedly has no memory of the accident or how he got to the hospital, but his wife, Bambi, and his mother, Momma Dee, were by his bedside at the hospital.

Bambi and Scrappy are expecting their first child together. “Yep my wife is the beaurtifulest prego woman I’ve seen cuh @adizthebam #mealtime? life,” he posted right before the accident.