Black woman in Georgia takes oath of office with a fist in the air and the hand on Malcolm X’s autobiography

This sister is not here for the poli-tricks.

Mariah Parker
Mariah Parker | Twitter

Mariah Parker made quite a statement when she took her oath of as an Athens-Clarke County District 2 Commissioner in Georgia earlier this week.

Instead of placing one hand on the Bible or some other religious text and one hand in the air, Parker had one hand on the Autobiography of Malcolm X with right her fist in the air.

Parker’s mother, who was holding autobiography, proudly beamed at her daughter. The 26-year-old PhD student and rapper wore her hair in a powerful, Angela Davis-sized afro for the occasion.

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Reportedly, Parker won by a mere 13 votes, underscoring the importance of getting to the polls and the fact that every vote truly counts.

Mariah Parker’s Campaign

When she announced her candidacy in February, Parker told Red and Black that her campaign would center on economic and racial justice.

“The policies of this town have been structured, deliberately, to ensure that a certain class of people will continue to thrive and a certain class of people will continue to not,” she said.

Parker also campaigned on the the subject of criminal justice reform. \

“We need to stop putting people in jail because they can’t pay cash bail. We need to stop people feeling threatened in their own communities because police officers are targeting them based on the color of their skin or where they hang out.”

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Kelly Dugan, a classmate of Parker’s at the University of Georgia, said she was inspired to become more involved in politics after watching Parker jump in the fray.

“I just dove into it and found a voice for myself and ways to get involved that were comprehensive and spoke to my strength, which is research and asking these tough questions to politicians,” said Dugan in an interview. “That’s where I see myself in Our Revolution, and I’m excited to continue my role by playing on these strengths and hopefully gaining new skills.”

Parker is studying linguistics and goes by the name Lingua Franca when she raps.