Outrage after teacher mocks little Black girl’s hair style on social media

teacher mocks Black child's hair style thegrio.com

A white teacher ridiculed a black girl’s hair on social media by posting a side by side comparison to a buffoonish movie character, reports Yahoo.

According to Ontario Canada school officials the substitute teacher posted a photo that reeked of “anti-black racism” overtones. The photo mocked the elementary school student by comparing her hairstyle to that of a character from the 1996 movie Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood.

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Marlon Wayans played the character.

The teacher captioned the insensitive post: “Who rocked it better? LOLOLOL.”

A woman on Twitter brought the picture to the attention of the Peel District School Board when she tweeted:

“Hi @PeelSchools, please be informed that a grade school teacher with your district is 1) openly mocking her students’ appearance and posting photos of them on social media 2) tagging the location of the school on her Instagram, putting them in danger,” wrote @Giaper on Twitter.

“This is not the kind of behaviour I expect from educators. This is so embarrassing and honestly fully racist. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of qualified teachers who are waiting for teaching positions, and this is who our children learn from?”

School officials released a statement saying they are investigating the incident.

“We were made aware of an inappropriate Instagram post made by one of our staff members when it was sent to the Peel District School Board Twitter account yesterday,” district spokeswoman Carla Pereira said in a statement.

“As the post shared is considered anti-black racism, we became concerned as this behavior is simply unacceptable.”

Pereira added: “We don’t yet know how long the investigation will take or what the outcome will be, as we’re just getting started, but want to assure our community that this matter is being taken very seriously by senior leadership of the Peel board.”

The teacher faces discipline actions. The teacher’s name has not been released.

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