CHILD ABUSE: Horrifying video showss woman letting grandchildren out of dog cages in her truck

Leimome Cheek arrested for keeping her children in dog cages in Tennessee

A Tennessee grandmother is under fire for treating her grandchildren ;like pets by packing them in a cage in the back of her truck’s trunk.

A concerned witness took the disturbing mobile phone footage of 62-year-old Leimome Cheeks letting her grandkids out of dog kennels, reports the Daily Mail.

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The Memphis grandmother has been charged with two counts of child endangerment after police were called and the kids complained and confirmed the story of being stowed away in the back of the vehicle. They children also complained hat they were hot and cramped in the kennel, according to WREG.

The children, one seven and one eight- years-old also reportedly said that Cheeks claimed they couldn’t sit inside the trucks because there wasn’t enough room. There was also no operable air conditioning.

Skylark Blake, one of Cheeks’ neighbors said the incident was not typical of something Cheeks would do. He called her “a nice lady” and said he “can’t see her doing that.”

The kennels apparently belonged to Cheeks’ two puppies, neighbors reported. They also said Cheeks was a church-going woman.

Police are continuing to investigate.

No word on who the mother is, but it seems even in the worst circumstances, kids still have love for their parents.

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So we will see what happens to the caged kids when Cheeks appears in court.