Woman whose baby was kidnapped as infant says daughter must choose between two moms ‘She has to pick one of us’

Shanara Mobley won her biological daughter Kamiyah Mobley back 18 years after a kidnapper abducted her, but it may be a lot of love lost since Kamiyah still connects with her fake mom.

Mobley talked to ABC News about her long-lost daughter Kamiyah and the hurt feelings she has because her daughter still calls and has a relationship with Gloria Williams, the woman who stole her as an infant, mom.

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Williams was sentenced to 18 years in prison on Friday for kidnapping baby Mobley from a hospital nearly two decades ago and raising the child as her own child.

Kamiyah said she still calls the jail where Williams is held and the mom-daughter relationship is very much alive.

“We actually talked today. I still do call her ‘Mom,’” Kamiyah Mobley told ABC News.

And Williams is still acting in a “mom” capacity.

“Oh yeah, she calls and still gets on me. Yes, she does,’ Mobley added.

But mom Mobley is drawing the line in the sand and said the 19-year-old is going to have to choose.

“I shouldn’t have to compete with a kidnapper – she has to pick one of us,” Mobley told the DailyMail.

Mobley said it hurts that Kamiyah is still connected to the woman who took her precious baby away and caused her years of pain.

“It’s like a tug of war between us. Whenever I feel I’m winning her back, boom, the other side pulls me down,” Mobley said crying.

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“Nobody acknowledges my pain. I feel like I’m being robbed all over again every time she reaches out to my daughter.

“Every phone call they share, every Mother’s Day card Kamiyah sends her, it just makes the pain worse,” she admits.

Kamiyah Mobley admitted that not much has changed since she learned Williams’ fate in a Jacksonville courtroom nearly four months after pleading guilty to taking her on July 10, 1998.

Said Shanara Mobley: “I’m being rejected for a kidnapper, how do you think that feels?”