Kanye announces new Yeezy sneaker launch thegrio.com

While you may need an acquired taste for fashion to appreciate Kanye West’s clothing line, the rapper used images of his wife’s look-alikes in hopes you’ll conjure up an affection for his new sneaker line.

On Tuesday, the 41-year-old West shared some naked images of big booty models who look like his wife Kim Kardashian West with basically nothing on but some socks and his “Supermoon Yellow” Adidas Yeezy 500 sneakers, reports PEOPLE.

See the racy photos here.

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While many on social media wanted to know: “What are those!” The bulky-looking Desert Rat sneakers are actually from his Yeezy line.

“boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo send it all back,” said @SydneyTeese.

User @Phantom_Manace clowned the models for taking the job as sneaker models.

“Lmaooooo! You wanna be butt naked in some ugly sneakers for representation?”

West also used a Kourtney Kardashian look-alike in one of the images.

The images were taken by Eli Russell Linnetz, who is the official photographer for the sneaker line.

The NSFQ images includes lots of boobs. One woman in doing a Yoga “down dog” pose in the sneakers and a pair of biker shorts. There an image of two blonde-haired women hugging it out and looking away from the camera. And then there’s the big butt duo, just standing straight with their backsides to the camera. And another shot showing full frontal, except for their blurred out lady parts.

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We don’t know if there will be as much hype generated around West’s new kicks. So, are you buying those Supermoon Yellow sneakers or nah?