The Download | June 21st: Donald Trump ends inhumane immigration policy + Pitttsburgh teenager fatally shot + Janet Jackson on Essence Magazine

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President Donald Trump signed an executive order to end an inhumane immigration policy that his administration started.

After intense backlash from separating children from parents– including toddlers and babies– Trump said the U.S. will keep immigrant families together while they are in custody. But what will happen to the more than 2000 children who’ve already been separated and some whose parents have been deported without them?

And in Pittsburgh, there are rallying cries of justice for Antwon Rose. The 17-year-old was shot three times by an East Pittsburgh police officer during a traffic stop.The officer stopped the car because it matched the description of a vehicle that was in a gunfire several minutes ago. While the driver was being taken into custody for questioning, Rose and another young man ran from the car. The community is demanding answers about why Rose was shot as he was running away.

And Janet Jackson graced the cover of Essence Magazine and she looks amazing!

The icon opened up about her struggles with depression, overcoming insecurities about her looks and finding happiness.

Speaking of which, today is the International Day of Purpose– check out theGrio’s Twitter feed this afternoon as we talk about living our lives with real motivation.