White student who lied about being raped by Black man gets paltry jail sentence

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A white college student in Michigan was sentenced to 45 days behind bars after admitting that she lied about being raped by a Black man last year in a campus parking lot.

Mary Zolkowski pleaded guilty to falsely reporting the alleged incident at a parking lot at Delta College in Bay City, Mich., in February 2017.

Zolkowski, 21, told her mother that she had been raped as she walked to her car and her mother called the campus, which had Zolkowski complete a report.

But afterward, campus police were not able to verify Zolkowski’s story.

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During the investigation, Zolkowski refused to provide a medical examination and was unable to provide a detailed description of the suspect, saying she’d “kind of blacked out” during the incident, Newsweek reported.

Zolkowski claimed the rapist grabbed her face and throat but her injuries were not consistent with such an attack. She also claimed she dropped out of her college courses because of the incident, but in actuality, she’d done this before making the claims, according to Newsweek.

Zolkowski first told police that her alleged attacker was an acquaintance and that the incident took place at an apartment in Saginaw Township, Mich.

She told the court that she made up the parking lot story because after the alleged assault off-campus, she was “ashamed of circumstances’ and “vented through Delta.”

Once Zolkowski serves her term, she’ll be on probation for two years, and during that time, she’ll be tested for drugs and alcohol and take part in substance abuse counseling, MLive.comreported. The judge also ordered that Zolkowski undergo mental health counseling.

Zolkowski’s lawyer, James Piazza, said at a hearing in March that his clients had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and post traumatic stress disorder and she is receiving treatment for both conditions, according to M.Live.com.