#PermitPatty, who called police on Black girl selling water, faces backlash

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A viral video has set the internet on fire that starring a white woman now called #PermitPatty cowardly calling the police on a little girl who was selling—wait for it—bottles of water to fund a trip to Disneyland.

There is growing confusion about why white people have been using 911 like it’s customer service to call the police on Black people for nothing. And in this latest racist incident, a black mom took matters into her own hands to capture the woman, Alison Ettel on video trying to report her daughter for not having a permit, reports the Huffington Post.

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Now named #PermitPatty by no-chill Black Twitter, Ettel faces off with the vigilant mom who goes by @ladyesowavy, on Instagram.  “This woman don’t want a little girl to sell some water, she’s calling the police on an 8-year-old girl,” the mother said on camera.

Then Ettel scurries away and tries to hide.

“Don’t hide, the whole world gonna see you, boo,” the woman filming says.

“Yeah, and um, illegally selling water without a permit?” Ettel says into the phone.

“On my property,” the mother responds.

“It’s not your property,” Ettel says.

Since the video went viral, Ettel has backtracked and told the Huffington Post she only “pretended” to make the call and ducked down so she could “find a quiet place where I could hear.”

Playing victim much like #BBQBecky, Ettel said she feels “horrible and heart-wrenched,” and says she’s the one who has been “discriminated against.”

“They were screaming about what they were selling,” she said. “It was literally nonstop. It was every two seconds, ‘Come and buy my water.’ It was continuous and it wasn’t a soft voice, it was screaming.”

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“I had been putting up with this for hours, and I just snapped,” Ettel said.

Ettel said race wasn’t a factor.

“I have no problem with enterprising young women. I want to support that little girl. It was all the mother and just about being quiet,” she said.

“It was stupid,” she said. “I completely regret that I handled that so poorly. It was completely stress-related, and I should have never confronted her. That was a mistake, a complete mistake. Please don’t make me sound horrible.”

Too late, #PermitPatty. Twitter users bombarded Ettel’s business, a company that makes weed products for dogs, and partners and clients. And ome company’s announced they would no longer be working with her.

Mind your business lady.