Grandmother will turn grandson into police in murder case

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A grandmother in Georgia plans to turn in her grandson who is reportedly armed and on-the-run after allegedly killing his friend.

The woman told reporters said she plans to take her grandson Lonnie Reed, who is wanted for murder, to the police after he killed his 33-year-old friend Ladell Williams following a fight in Stockbridge, Georgia.

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Reed, however has eluded police since June 15, but his grandmom said she’ll handle it.

Williams was rushed to a local hospital where he died. But it took Henry County police a few days to figure out that the shooting happened in their territory.

“We heard gunshots and the next day we pull up and we saw the police officers and that’s when they asked us about the gunshots,” a neighbor said to WSBTV..

Reed’s grandmother saw the story air on WSBTV and called police to inform them that she was turning her grandson in. Reed lived with his grandmom.

Sometimes even when a grandmom tries to do their best for their grandchildren, it doesn’t always turn out for the good.

Hattie Reynolds on the other hand, is the 95-year-old Florida grandmom who was arrested after she tried to get her 46-year-old granddaughter Janeen Williams out of bed. Reynolds, who clearly was raised in an era where grown adults just don’t lie around without reason, told police that she was: “tired of her staying in bed all day soaking up the air conditioning.”

Yep, it’s always the air conditioning that gets Black folks going.

The slipper-wielding grandmom took matters into her own hands and reportedly hauled off and slapped Williams in the face with the slipper.

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Reynolds then, according to WDSU, thought she would enlist help to get Williams out of the house by calling police, but instead she ended up in trouble with the law.

Apparently, there are “strict domestic violence laws” that prohibits hitting of any kind—and obviously without consideration of a 95-year-old woman who was just trying to help her grandchild become a contributing member of society.

We wonder if Reed’s grandmom gave him a few smacks for good measure before she turned him in.