Coupon Carl

Morry Matson, the white CVS manager in Chicago dubbed “Coupon Carl” after calling the police on a black woman who tried to use a manufacturer’s coupon at the pharmacy, is now being hit with a heavy dose of karma.

The customer, identified as Camilla Hudson, says she initially tried to use the CVS self-checkout, but it lacked a mechanism for taking coupons which is what caused her to ask for manager’s assistance.

According to Block Club Chicago:

“The store’s manager, Matson, offered to assist her on a register, but the situation escalated when he called for another manager, she said. That manager, whose name was not known, told Hudson they couldn’t accept the voucher because he’d never seen one like it before and accused her of possibly handwriting it, she said.”

Understandably, Hudson was offended by the accusation which caused the manager to demand she leave. When she insisted on completely her purchaes that’s when Matson then called police.

With these incidents of trivial police complaints being made against Black people becoming a trend, the video of their encounter soon when viral. However, now it’s been revealed that in 2016, “Coupon Carl” was accused & found guilty of election fraud for forging signatures.

Oh the irony!

Raw Story reports that Morry was spearheading an initiative to build an expensive waterfront bike path to a beach near his own home, saying that improving the beachfront would not mean that there would be an influx of “people from the South Side” (which is code for “Black people”)

However when it came time to vote on this issue, “A vote on extending the lakefront path from Edgewater to Rogers Park was yanked from the November ballot after city officials ruled that five pages of signatures on the petitions calling for the vote were forged.”

And the person who forged those signatures was reportedly none other Morry.

It’s also worth noting that he was also a state delegate for Donald Trump during the 2016 election and is president of the Log Cabin Republicans of Illinois, a group advocating for LGBTQ conservatives.