Barack Obama dancing with his grandmother in Kenya is the best thing online today

Obama dances with his grandmother in Kenya

Is President Barack Obama in his feelings too because a video of him dancing in Kenya has us wondering if the “Ke” in Kenya happens to be the Keke” in that viral Drake song that has him dancing in the motherland.

Our forever President Obama is one smooth cat, and for the first time since he left the White House, he arrived in Kenya on Sunday to visit with family, meet with officials and to promote his sister’s Auma Obama’s sports and training center. He also took a moment to break out a few moves.

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A video has emerged of Obama dancing to local traditional music in his ancestral home village of Kogelo in western Kenya. NTV Kenya shared a clip of our him dancing to the tunes being performed at the launch of the youth foundation.

Kenyan television showed the president pulling his step-grandmother Sarah Obama, onto the dance floor as well.

Obama also met with Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga. Odinga is working with the Kenyatta administration after an invalidated presidential election and tense political standoff, The Hill reported.

Today Obama headed to South Africa to give a key speech for Nelson Mandela’s centenary—his first major public address since leaving office.

Our forever FLOTUS Michelle Obama was also caught on camera dancing this weekend—but she was grooving in Paris at the Beyonce and Jay-Z OTRII tour.

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The audience cheered as she and Beyoncé’s mother, Tina Knowles, found their seats by the stage. Obama can be seen dancing to “Drunk in Love” and “On to the Next One” in footage from the event.