Black family asked for identification after being harassed at community pool

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A Black woman in Canada is experiencing the same kind of racial discrimination that’s making headlines here in the states, after she said she and her children were harassed at their community pool.

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Gurda Henry said a staffer at her townhouse complex on Thursday approached them and asked that they show ID to prove they were residents, Global News Canada reported.

However, it was another resident who called the staffer to report Henry’s family. Henry said there were several families there, but her family was singled out for their identification.

“[The staffer] said, ‘Um, there are some concerns that you guys shouldn’t be here,’” she told Global News. “I said, ‘excuse me?’”

Henry showed the staffer her key fob, much like Shayne Holland did here in the states when he was enjoying his community pool and interrogated by an off-duty cop. Henry showed her key fob, but that wasn’t enough as the staffer insisted she still show ID.

“I was like, ‘No I don’t have ID. Do you go swimming with ID in your back pocket?’” she recalled asking the staffer.

The harassment continued and then Henry said she saw the resident who reported then approach her 12-year-old niece Anna Elva and begin to pester her too.

“…He was towering over me, basically, and he wouldn’t leave,” the young girl told Global News. “I didn’t feel scared, but I felt threatened.”

But Elva took video that has since gone viral and shows her aunt confronting the resident.

“My kids were involved, and this is a place that I bought so my kids could enjoy (it),” Henry said. “I felt harassed, I felt ambushed. It was not necessary.”

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Henry wants action or some type of formal, written apology from the association that operates the townhouse complex.

In a statement, the association admits that Henry has initiated a complaint about the situation and they promised to investigate.