Omarosa to release tell-all book on Donald Trump ‘Unhinged’ in August

'Unhinged: An Insider's Account of the Trump White House' will be released on August 14.

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Omarosa Manigault Newman is likely to land in more hot water when her tell-all book is released next month.

The former reality star and ousted employee of Donald Trump will release her book, Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House on August 14. Based on the title, we’re guessing that POTUS won’t be too pleased about the details she plans to dish about his hair-brained habits.

Omarosa drops dime on Trump ‘s–thole’ comment

According to the press release, Omarosa doesn’t pull any punches:

Few have been a member of Donald Trump’s inner orbit longer than Omarosa Manigault Newman.   Their relationship has spanned fifteen years—through four television shows, a presidential campaign, and a year by his side in the most chaotic, outrageous White House in history.   But that relationship has come to a decisive and definitive end, and Omarosa is finally ready to share her side of the story in this explosive, jaw-dropping account.  

A stunning tell-all and takedown from a strong, intelligent woman who took every name and number, UNHINGED is a must-read for any concerned citizen. 

Omarosa says ‘plantation’ White House shunned her for being Black

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The controversial reality star made no secret of her plans to share her story with the world and spoke about her intentions in May after confirming that our Commander-in-Chief did indeed call several black and brown countries, “s**tholes.”.

Omarosa calls Celebrity Big Brother a ‘great reprieve’ from social media screw-ups

“I’m thinking of writing a tell-all sometime. He’s going to come after me with everything he has. Like, I’m going up against a kazillionaire … but I have to tell my truth,” she said. “I’m tired of being muted… I’ve been defending somebody for so long. Now I’m like, ‘Yo, you are a special kind of f–ked up.”

Omarosa is certainly a controversial figure but we can’t deny we’re more than curious about what she has to say about her time spent in trump’s White House.