State trooper caught on camera kicking handcuffed Black man in the chest keeps his job


A Kentucky State Trooper who forcefully kicked a black man, who was handcuffed, in the chest will keep his job.

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On June 24, Nazarine L. Ingram Jr. the black man in security video who was arrested for a probation violation, was booked by Trooper Joshua Turner.

Ingram was brought into a room with a computer and video surveillance showed as the Trooper opened the door, a handcuffed Ingram used his foot to open it more. As Trooper Turner made his way to a computer, Ingram remained standing and cursed the Trooper repeatedly saying “f*ck you,” The Daily Mail reports.

The Trooper ordered Ingram several times to take a seat. Then the Trooper came back from around the counter, walked toward Ingram and violently kicked him square in the chest forcing him to sit down. Ingram says: “You gonna kick me in front of the camera?” And then threatened to have his attorney pull the footage to help his case.

Ingram ends by calling the violent trooper a “Trump supporter.”

“One thing he told me that isn’t in the video, (Ingram) has sort of a large wrist,” said Ingram’s public defender, Saeid Shafizadeh, who was given a copy of the video.

“He was asking the officer to loosen (the handcuffs), and that’s what started it,” he explained.

He added: “That is a pretty strong blow in a sensitive area. It’s near his heart.”

An email to Chief Deputy Jailer Jack Jones from Deputy Jailer Preston Schilke said: “at about (1 a.m), control notified me about an incident that happened in law enforcement (room) between KSP Turner and a new intake (Ingram).

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Trooper Corey King, a public information officer told the Messenger-Inquirer, that the situation was “handled.”

Ingram’s probation violation charges were subsequently dismissed at a court hearing.