Drake and his celeb friends had a blast partying in the ‘In My Feelings’ video

Drake reached back to his acting roots and tapped a ton of his celebrity friends for the star studded "In My Feelings" video.

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Drake reached back to his acting roots and tapped a ton of his celebrity friends for the star studded “In My Feelings” video.

Set in New Orleans, the video opens up with Drake rolling up on Kiki (played by Lala Anthony) at a gorgeous estate. He begs her to come hang with him, but his romantic gestures are cut short by Kiki’s mom (Phylicia Rashad) who has some choice words for that grown man yelling in front of her house.

Comedic banter ensues and Drake (who has an uncomfortable looking grill in his mouth for the majority of the video) drops the beat and the viewers are treated to choreographed dances from many of New Orleans’ finest.

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Most of them are doing the now famous Shiggy Challenge and Shiggy himself is in a good portion of the video. Drake tapped a number of his celeb friends to pop in the video, including Will Smith, the kids from Stranger Things, and Big Freedia.

It looks like everybody had a good ol’ time in Nawlins. And the end…well, the end is just weird. See for yourself.

Drake celebrates the success of ‘In My Feelings’ with influencer, Shiggy

Popularized by a viral challenge started by The Shiggy Show, In My Feelings, a new song from Drake‘s recent album Scorpionhas reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 this week.

The song, which initially wasn’t even a single, topped the charts largely in part to the #InMyFeelings #DoTheShiggy challenge, a viral dance craze started by a social media influencer named Shiggy.

Due to the unexpected viral popularity of the track, the label stopped pushing “Don’t Matter to Me” featuring Michael Jackson. That song was originally supposed to be the rapper’s next offering.

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Shiggy says that the viral video just captures how he “felt like dancing,” and the hashtag was birthed by his good friend New York Giants star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., who is also notorious for his dance moves on and off the field.

Once he took part in the challenge other big-name celebrities like Will Smith and Ciara started joining in on the fun as well. The trend’s hashtag was tweeted over 2.5 million times, and Drake himself took part.

Monday night, Shiggy got to meet Drake for the first time. The Toronto artist thanked Shiggy for his support. “Man got me a No. 1 record today. Oh my God!,” exclaimed Drake. Shiggy then joked and said that the 6 God owes him a check for the success.

A sentiment that many fans have echoed