‘Nailed It!’ host Nicole Byer opens up about racism she experienced on her own set

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Actress Nicole Byer wants her fans to know that you can experience racism in Hollywood even when you’re on the set of your own show.

This week the comedienne took to her social media to open up about her experiences as a Black woman America, divulging how ugliness followed her even while shooting Netflix’s bake-off show, Nailed It!, which she hosts and has been promoting all year.

In one incident, Byer says she was told, “I don’t know if you belong here” while standing in front of a trailer with her name written right on the door, and then “being mistaken for another Black comic, while the person is looking at a picture of the other comic” and could clearly see that she was someone else.

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The former Girl Code star describe the level of unprofessionalism she has had to face in the work place while prepping for on-camera appearances in an organized list that many people of color can relate to.

She writes:

Being Black in America: 1. Going to work at a secure closed set where I had to show my ID to get in, and having a PA refuse to look at a call sheet and him saying “I don’t know if you belong here” while we stand in front of a trailer with my name on the door.

2. Being mistaken for another Black female comic while the person is looking at a picture of the other comic.

3. A hair dresser who didn’t even have a brush or any real tools for my slightly textured wig. So while the other girls get their hair done. I do my own.

4. Having a makeup artist say they are going to contour me but then didn’t even have a color darker than me. So while the other girls got their make up done. I sat in a corner and did my own.

5. Showed up the taping of my special and the security asked me if I belonged while standing in front of a trailer with my name on it holding a badge with my name and picture on it.

6. People out in the world being rude to me before they see my name or put two and two together from my voice. Then apologize with some bullshit “oh I didn’t recognize you with that hat!” F**k you just be nice to Black people.

A lil chunk of white privilege is people assuming you belong and not having to worrying about if hair and makeup ppl have all the things you need for your skin and hair, because they do. You are the norm.

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Some concerned fans were quick to console the actress and let her know this treatment that she has experienced is simply not ok. While many others chimed in to share similar workplace horror stories because as people of color in this country, these experiences are all too familiar occurrences for many of us.

Check out Byer’s full Twitter rant below.