Racist couple attacks Black man with car, threatening to run him over for parking on their street

But there's a twist to the story...

Aaron Charles Stevens and Myrna Angelica Alanis thegrio.com
Aaron Charles Stevens and Myrna Angelica Alanis are accused of trying to run over a Black man with their car. (Photos via Stearns County Jail).

Two St. Cloud, Minnesota residents are suspected of assaulting a Black man just for parking on their street.

According to the St. Cloud Times, Monday, 58-year-old Aaron Charles Stevens and his girlfriend, Myrna Angelica Alanis, came running out of their home after they noticed a Black man had parked his car in their neighborhood.

According to authorities, Stevens immediately attacked the Black man by throwing a bottle at his head, which ended up causing a laceration on his face. Stevens then began to yell racial slurs at the man while demanding he get off his property.

Stevens then “charged at the man with a large tie strap with metal hooks,” while urging his 41-year-old girlfriend to get in his truck and run the man over. Alanis followed orders, got in the truck and revved up its engine while Stevens held the injured man on the ground.

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A little after 6:00 p.m., St. Cloud police were dispatched to the scene after receiving complaints about the fight. The victim had a cut on his mouth and was bleeding when police arrived.

According to the police complaint, an officer spoke to Stevens who said he “kicked (the man) in the chest twice and had (the man’s) head near the wheel of the truck.”

He also admitted to throwing the metal strap at the man, calling him a racial slur and threatening to hang him from a tree. At one point, Stevens even ran after the man with an ax.

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“He’s an (expletive) (slur).” Stevens told the officer. “I’m a prejudice (expletive.)”

Responding officers arrested Stevens and subsequently charged him with three counts of second degree assault with a weapon, while Alanis was charged with one count of second degree assault.

“We are taking into consideration the race-motivated aspect of this crime with respect to sentencing,” said Assistant Stearns County Attorney Kyle Triggs. “That could play a role in increasing the sentencing, dependent on the court and the jury.”

This bizarre and heinous attack has many on social media even more confused since it seems that Alanis’ own race is in question and she very much appears to be a woman of color.

You be the judge…