Georgia teen’s letter to God lands in hands of minister who answers her prayers

Mykehia Curry is a living testimony to the power of prayer

Teen from Macon, Georgia is making national headlines for writing a letter to God asking for help paying for college tuition and dorm supplies.

Balloon Wish

An 18-year-old Mykehia Curry recently discovered that God truly works in mysterious ways after experiencing a miracle that will help her first year of college run smoothly.

The Macon, Georgia-native is making national headlines for writing a letter to God asking for help paying for college tuition and dorm supplies. She tied the note to balloons; assuming no one would ever read it. But a minister found it and answered her prayer, reported.

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Curry will be the first member of her family to attend college. She took out student loans to pay for tuition and housing at Albany State University, but she was short on the various supplies she’ll need as a young woman living away from home for the first time. So, she hit up the Lord Almighty via a handwritten prayer attached to some mylar balloons and sent it floating toward the heavens.

“God help me go to college. God this is me again, please help me get everything I need to leave Wednesday. I love you, Amen,” the note reads.

“I am the first one in my family to go to college and I’m doing this so my little brother can have a better life. I have a 7-year-old little brother,” saidCurry, who is pursuing a degree in nursing.

“I just thought somebody may pick it up and throw it in the trash,” she admitted.

But Jerome Jones, a part-time minister at Springfield Baptist in Monticello, found the note by a dumpster and once he read it, both he and his church decided to help.

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“It was just there by the dumpster. I walked over and picked it up and there it was,” said Jones. “It was God calling me saying, ‘You need to answer this,’ and I did.”

Curry outlined in her letter the items she needed most for her dorm: “A refrigerator, a comforter, school supplies.”

Once Jones tracked her down at her home in Macon, he surprised the teen with a mini-fridge and comforter.

“It was beautiful. It’s kind of hard to explain. She was like, ‘Is this mine for real?’ and I said, ‘It’s yours. God answers prayers,’” Jones said. “I like helping people, especially young people. They’re our future.”

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The minister says he plans to stay in touch with Curry offered to help her if ever she needs anything else to further her education goals.

If you would like to donate useful items for her freshman year, Curry can be reached via email: [email protected].