Beauty supply store owner caught punching mother after her child took a keychain

Changseok Jun charged after punching woman outside of his beauty supply store

A beauty supply store owner in Oklahoma is now facing charges after he was caught on camera punching a female customer in the face.

Sunday, Changseok Jun and April Harding were caught on camera arguing outside Jun’s Beauty Supply store in Tulsa after her three-year-old son grabbed a 99 cent keychain. After the heated exchange reached its climax, Harding makes a dismissive hand gesture at Jun then turns around to walk away from him. That’s when the store owner snaps, grabs her arm and punches her square in the mouth with a closed fist.

The shocked mother can be seen covering her mouth and then spitting up blood as Jun walks back into the store and her traumatized children stare at her in disbelief. Harding suffered a swollen lip that required three stitches.

Tulsa Police Department Sgt Shane Tuell told Yahoo! that Jun has since been charged with assault and battery and will likely be fined or ordered to compete community service. He also pointed out that the victim has the option to sue.

Harding, a local hairdresser who often shops at the store for her business, said she had already paid for all of her items when she realized her son was still holding onto a 99 cent keychain.

“The man, the owner, he said something to me. I took it from my son and I threw it back in the store because I was trying to discipline my son at the same time,” she explained on a Facebook Live video.

“Nothing was ever taken from the store,” she maintains. “We never got out of the store with anything.”

But as she was walked out of the store Jun was already on her heels.

“He’s behind me saying something, it was aggressive,” she continued. “I turned around to say something verbally back to him. Then I went ahead and got up in his face and attempted to walk away. It looks like I hit him, but I didn’t.”

The video of the assault has already was viewed more than 500,000 times within 24 hours of it being posted. As a result Jun’s Beauty Supply had to shut down both of its locations on Monday due to protesters lining up in front of the store where Harding was punched.