Celebs post tributes to Aretha Franklin on social media

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Thursday the family of Aretha Franklin released a statement confirming the “the Queen of Soul,” had died at her home in Detroit, surrounded by loved ones.

And it should come as no surprise that as soon as the news broke there was a steady tidal wave of grief and heartfelt tributes posted from everyday fans and celebrities around the world.

“Salute to the Queen. The greatest vocalist I’ve ever known,” wrote John Legend, who was clearly influenced by the musical powerhouse whose gospel-rooted singing and bluesy delivery once made then President Barack Obama weep during one of her performances.

And it wasn’t long before another diva paid tribute.

“I’m sitting in prayer for the wonderful golden spirit Aretha Franklin,” shared fellow icon Diana Ross.

And then came Hollywood sentiments as celebs also took a moment to write heartfelt notes about what her talent meant to all of us.

“Oh queen oh queen how I cry to see you go,” Kate Hudson captioned under a black and white picture of the singer. “Like so many others I share the sadness of this loss. A true inspiration, a constant listen in my youth. I remember going deep into her B sides and live performances, always in awe of her ability. To discover the effortlessness of her gift, to take it in and experience the tones that shaped my love for singing. Her instrument like no other. Magic, pure magic. Thank you Aretha.”

This is sure to be an emotional day for many. Below are just a few of the posts that have been shared so far.