Michelle Obama’s voter registration campaign gets some help from a few friends

The former First Lady tells her family story about voting and so do a few of her celebrity companions

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Earlier this month, Michelle Obama announced that she’s hitting the road to get out the vote in a new campaign aimed at registering new voters. But now, she’s being joined by a group of friends who also want everyone to go to the polls this fall.

As noted by Variety, the former First Lady, along with “Hamilton” creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, actor Tom Hanks, Houston Rockets star Chris Paul, and singers Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, appear in the latest videos for When We All Vote, an initiative co-chaired by Obama to increase voter registration.

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Mrs. Obama is marking the 53rd anniversary of the Voting Rights Act by dedicating a week of service from Sept. 22-29 to registering voters ahead of November’s midterm elections.

In her latest PSA, she recounts the time she hit up the polling place with her father, who had multiple sclerosis and walked with crutches but was determined to cast his ballot.

She also took to Twitter to note the importance of getting out there and exercising your right to vote, writing:

Married couple Hill and McGraw shared their intimate voting story, saying: “In all honesty, I really didn’t understand the importance of voting until I was far older than 18 years old. I just remember us all going in as a family. The kids were too young to vote, but we all went in just for them to see the fact that we were able to choose who we felt was best for the position.”

Miranda, whose hit Broadway musical is about one of the reasons we have our system of choosing our leadership in the first place remembered his family experience with voting.

“When we vote, we take a stride towards that more perfect union,” Hanks says in his video.

For Paul voting, he says, made him feel “like and adult.”

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