Six ‘Baby Trump’ balloons set to debut across the country to protest his policies

Baby Trump balloon
EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND – JULY 14: Workers tend to The Baby Trump Balloon while the U.S. President is visiting Trump Turnberry Luxury Collection Resort in Scotland as people gather to protest during his visit to the United Kingdom on July 14, 2018 in Edinburgh, Scotland. The President of the United States and First Lady, Melania Trump on their first official visit to the UK after yesterday’s meetings with the Prime Minister and the Queen is in Scotland for private weekend stay at his Turnberry. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

After the “Baby Trump” balloon successfully took flight in the UK, it’s now about to become a trend here in the states.

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According to local organizers, a series of six Baby Trump balloons are schedule to debut around the US. The first one is schedule to fly in New Jersey next month to coincide with planned protest against Trump’s policies, the Detroit Free Press reports.

“The balloon looks exactly how we hoped it would and it behaved very well,” Girvan told reporters. “It was a beautiful day and we were very satisfied with the test flights.”

Girvan and fellow activist Didier Jimenez-Castro are working together to set up Baby Trump tour appearances in various cities across the country. They expect that the next appearance will be in California.

“We thought we would have one balloon, so we’re very pleased since the interest is geared towards having events prior to the midterms,” Girvan said. “We expect to continue the tour as long as Mr. Trump is in office and as our experience and network grows, we will have events across the country.”

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Girvan organized a GoFundME and raised $24,000 to buy the balloons.

Now that the balloon has made its way to the states, we’re sure Trump will tweet about it since he lets anything will get under his thin skin. It worked for the Brits who recently sailed a Baby Trump balloon high on July 13, at the same time as the “Stop Trump” march in central London during Trump’s international visit.

In addition to balloon mocking the president, New Jersey residents also have a billboard to contend with.

A billboard in Union Township in New Jersey, prominently displaying a picture of President Donald Trump with the caption: “Our leader the idiot” has reportedly angered residents.

The billboard is privately owned by Out Front Media, and a local activist named Neil Harrison, paid $1,000 to have it put up in support of a documentary he’s promoting. The Bronx man said the billboard is being used to spread “his message against the president.”

Some people in Union Township have called for the municipality to remove the “potentially offensive” billboard parked on Morris Avenue.

“Manafort was convicted,” Harrison told News12. “Cohen’s giving up everything he can, and we’re hoping that Trump is next. Basically, that’s what we are out here for. I’m an activist and that’s what I do. And we’re trying to drum up some real support here.”

However, Union Township Public Information Officer Natalie Pineiro said there’s not much they can do about it since the political billboard does not violate any local ordinance or laws.

“It’s clear what his intentions were and now the township has been the recipient of his circus-like crusade,” Pineiro told New Jersey News.

The township released this statement in response to concerns:

“Residents, it’s come to our attention that a potentially offensive billboard has gone up on Morris Ave promoting a documentary about the President. We wanted to take this time to remind you all that while we take these matters very seriously, Billboards are privately owned and as such the Township of Union has no authority or or role in approving what goes up on each of them. Should you have any questions or concerns please contact the Office of Public Information at 908-851-5096 or