Colin Kaepernick praises two Miami Dolphins players for kneeling during national anthem

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On Sunday, Colin Kaepernick praised two Miami Dolphin players who dared to take a knee as the national anthem played to protest police brutality.

Nike sales soar after Kaepernick ad

“My Brothers @kstills and @ithinkisee12 continue to show their unwavering strength by fighting for the oppressed!” he tweeted over the weekend.

“They have not backed down, even when attacked and intimidated. Their courage will move the world forward! Love is at the root of our resistance!”

Since the 2018 NFL season kicked off last week, the Dolphins wide receivers Kenny Stills and Albert Wilson seem to be the first players to protest publicly by kneeling during the Star-Spangled Banner.

Kaepernick, who has been a drum major for justice against police brutality, recently became the face of Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ campaign. The use of his likeness has erupted in debate and controversy after Nike backed his cause to fight for racial injustice with the slogan: “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.”

President Donald Trump who has been a loud critic of the protests tweeted on Sunday too and blamed the NFL’s ratings on the protests.

NFL and Trump respond to Colin Kaepernick’s Nike ad

“Wow, NFL first game ratings are way down over an already really bad last year comparison. Viewership declined 13%, the lowest in over a decade,” he wrote.

“If the players stood proudly for our Flag and Anthem, and it is all shown on broadcast, maybe ratings could come back? Otherwise worse!,” he tweeted.

However, Nike’s online shoe sales have jumped up 31 percent, according to a report from Edison Trends.

Kaepernick’s Nike ad aired during the third quarter.