WATCH: NYPD cop stays calm as racist handcuffed suspect repeatedly hurls n-word

The suspect, Ilya Freyman, hurled the n-word at least 50 times at the Black female officer as he sat on a curb outside a Brooklyn gas station.

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NYPD car (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

A New York City police officer is being hailed for displaying infinite grace under pressure after a video circulated showing a handcuffed suspect shouting the n-word at her repeatedly while she, well, did nothing.

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Suspect Ilya Freyman hurled the n-word at least 50 times at the Black female officer as he sat on a curb outside a Brooklyn gas station, where he was arrested, the New York Daily News reported.

The officer, who the newspaper did not identify, said nothing in the minute-long video, which prompted followers on social media to wonder if the suspect might have gotten harsher treatment from the officer’s colleagues if he had been a different color.

Freyman, 51, was arrested after punching a booth attendant at a gas station in Midwood, Brooklyn, and broke the glass, according to the News. He was charged with criminal mischief, reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct for his outburst at the gas station and harassment for his racially charged attack on the police officer, the report said.

At one point in the video an officer is seen quietly attempting to intercede, but Freyman turns to him and yells, “F—k you,” prompting the officer to turn and move away from the suspect.

Posted @_SJPeace on Twitter in response to the video, “If the roles were reversed, a person of color wouldn’t live. I salute her patience.”

Tweeted @George_Anaya, “She’s a great example of how police should behave. Excellent role model!”

Tweeted @JumpManJP3, “While her composure was awesome under the circumstance, when is enough enough? Why did not one else step in to make him stop?”

The NYPD did not comment on the video, but a spokeswoman directed the News to an August opinion piece in which Police Commissioner James O’Neill wrote, “As cops, we have to have a thick skin.”

“NYPD officers know how to do their jobs with expertise and commitment to the public good,” O’Neill wrote. “Let no one confuse smart, effect policing that trusts and empowers our cops with some silly, false notion of ‘standing down.’ That does an enormous disservice to all New Yorkers.”

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