NYC woman accused of gruesome stabbing attack at day care center

Police say a woman attacked another day care worker and a father before turning her weapon on a group of babies

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A 52-year-old woman is in police custody after the allegedly stabbing five people, including three infants, at a daycare New York’s WNBC reports.

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Police are trying to unravel what led to the brutal stabbing of the victims at an overnight facility in Queens early Friday.  Police say the woman attacked the babies, including a 3-day-old girl and a 1-month-old girl both stabbed in the stomach. Also a 20-day-old girl had cuts to her ear, chin and lip and a butcher knife and meat cleaver were uncovered at the scene.

Others stabbed included a 31-year-old father of a child who was stabbed in the leg and another female daycare worker, who was stabbed eight times in the torso. They are both reported to be in stable condition.

The accused woman was found unconscious with self-inflicted cuts to her wrist. She was transported to a hospital where she is being held by the NYPD.

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Police believe the stabbing spree began with an attack on the day care worker. The father intervened in the conflict and was stabbed as well. Afterward the attack on the children started, while another unidentified person called 911. It was unclear if one of the children that was stabbed belonged to the father.

Officials report that the location reportedly had paperwork indicating that it was a day care facility but they are unclear why so many newborns were there at the time. Nine babies — five girls, four boys were at the day care. Other parents were reported to be present at the time as well.