White fans hurl racial slurs and fight at Chicago Cubs game ruining Hispanic Heritage Night


A group of unruly white fans instigated a fight and hurled racist insults at Latinos attending Hispanic Heritage Night at the Cubs game on Monday night.

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A video of the incident circulated widely on social media showing a brawl with at least a half dozen people throwing punches in the bleachers.

“He hit me in the face,” one man yells. A woman can be heard screaming, “Stop it! Stop it!” Other arguments can be heard as two men throw blows.

A fan yells multiple times, “There’s no fighting in the bleachers!”

A man starts cursing using the f-word and then it sounds like he hurls a racial slur at a Hispanic woman, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. A man can then be heard saying, “Here we go again” as yet another fight breaks out.

Danny Rockett who hosts a Cubs podcast called The Son Ranto Show started videotaping the brawl and tweeted the video which was viewed nearly a million times as of Tuesday night.

In a second video posted by Rockett, a man who appeared in the first video can clearly be heard hurling racist slurs.

“You threw the first punch,” he yells. “You threw the first punch! You threw the first punch.” He then cups his hands and yells out “SPICS!”

When the man realized he was being recorded, and now the world knows he hurled the racist word, he then lunged for Rockett’s cell phone saying:

“Don’t record me!” Security then forced Rockett to put his cell phone away.

“You’re on private property. You don’t have permission to videotape anyone.” The video then ends.

Soon, Cubs security made their way and broke up the scuffle.

Rockett said on Twittter that “Racism” is what fueled the fight.

“Dudes were racist,” Rockett said in a tweet Monday night. “Didn’t see the first punch. But I saw the 3rd-56th.”

The Sun-Times reported that Rockett later said, “I really don’t know,” what started the fight. “Probably just drunks going back and forth. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary really until it was a melee.”

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Cubs spokesman Julian Green said everyone involved was removed from Wrigley stadium.

“We don’t know the nature of what caused the fight, but both parties were escorted out,” Green said.

He added that Cubs “have zero tolerance against fighting and insensitive language and behavior. … Both parties were informed by police and security that they are not welcomed back to the stadium for 2018.”

Green did say security did not have a right to stop Rockett from filming.

“People film every time they come to games,” he said. “We will brief our staff about that.”

A woman made a claim that security was taking “white people’s side,” but Green denied that claim.