NFL star Cam Newton donates $100,000 to hurricane Florence relief

NFL star Cam Newton plans to make a $100,000 donation toward hurricane Florence relief efforts and is calling for others to step up and help out with a contribution too.

“Proud to match @Panthers teammate @juliuspeppers_ $100K donation to his Hurricane Florence Relief Fund. Help NC/SC!

On Wednesday, the dynamic Carolina Panthers quarterback made the announcement on social media that he was donating to theJulius Peppers Hurricane Relief Fund. North Carolina is home to Peppers who played football and basketball at the University of North Carolina, according to reports. Peppers has played for the NFL for 17 seasons.

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Hurricane Florence made landfall in North Carolina earlier this month, pushing a life-threatening storm surge of floodwater miles inland. There were 415,000 homes and businesses without power as Florence made its way to the Carolinas.

Newton’s donation surely will help restore some normalcy after the storm and its aftermath reminded people of the good and the bad in the world.

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On the good side, one photo of Robert Simmons Jr., a North Carolina man escaping the floodwaters via boat, his kitten, Survivor, on his shoulder, both soaked and appearing weary, went viral. The photographer, a Raleigh News & Observer reporter who took the action shot with his iPhone, engaged on Twitter with members of the public, who praised him for capturing an image that perfectly encapsulated the experience of dealing with the hurricane.