‘Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta’ star Karlie Redd opens about the haters who think she doesn’t have what it takes to be a boss

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Love & Hip Hop Hollywood might be in full focus, but Love & Hop Hop Atlanta is never too far from our purview. While her franchise is on hiatus, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star Karlie Redd is on a mission to prove that she’s a serious actress, a competent businesswoman and much bigger than the antics we see played out on the show.  

Known for her larger than life personality and her knack for getting receipts and spilling other people’s tea, Redd is currently using all that inspiration to write her first novel while also working to build a school in Haiti through her foundation. She found love again and again and again on the show, but this time she says it’s real. The reality TV OG stopped by theGrio to candidly dish about her new business ventures, why she’s ready to walk down the aisle and TK. 


theGrio: What made you join the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta franchise?

Karlie Redd: I watched Love and Hip Hop New York and I loved the show. When I got interviewed for the show I was like, ‘oh foreal’? I didn’t think at the time the show was going to be that big. It was a huge success; a number one show.

theGrio: What’s the most challenging part of being on reality TV?

Karlie Redd: Everybody thinks they know you. They think I am their best friend. They feel like I am with them. People think they know me.

TheGrio: Was it hard opening up about your relationship with your dad on the show?

Karlie Redd: Since you guys have been watching me from day one, I never got into my family, but what was going on at the time I was going through it with my dad. I was the only one and it was affecting everything around me. I had to make decisions for him. I moved him in with me and I literally flipped my whole life around. It was capturing more my family side; which they had never done before.


theGrio: TMZ reported that you got engaged at your single release party. Why is this guy so special?

Karlie Redd: He is not in the industry. He is a regular guy. I am in the entertainment industry, so it easy to date people in the industry. He doesn’t take pictures. He doesn’t care about that stuff.

theGrio: Tell us about your new projects.

Karlie Redd: I have always been recording in the stdio. When it is your passion and your love, you are always going to keep doing it. This record, a few records I snap. A lot of people can appreciate the snap because they are supporting the record and they love it. The project is named “Ferrari Karlie” and it’s dope. A lot of fans, supporters are gravitating to the record, sending me dance videos. I’m getting a lot of love with this record. I am working on an EP as well. I may drop it around the time I get married.

theGrio: If you could collab with anyone, who would it be and why?

Karlie Redd: Kim, Nicki honestly everybody is doing their thing in the industry I don’t mind doing a record with everybody. Let’s rock out; let’s get something done.

theGrio: True or false: do Black women support each other in the industry?

Karlie Redd: We could have more encouragers. I wouldn’t say that Black women don’t support each other in the industry. There could be more taps on the shoulder, ‘hey I heard your song, I like what you doing over there.’ There could definitely be more of that. You are going to have haters and your naysayers.

theGrio: Are working on a erotic novel?

Karlie Redd: I did an episode of Zane’s “Sex Chronicles” back when she was doing that. I had a meeting with Zane and she said she would love to work with me on my project. I am working with a New York Times best selling author. This book is going to be crazy. It is coming out later this year.

theGrio: What would you say to people who doubt your skills?

Karlie Redd: You are going to have haters regardless. Everyone is going to have something to say. I am going to be what I set out to be. I am comfortable within my skin. I don’t care. I want to hear your opinions and criticism, but at the end of the day, I am still going to go with me first. If I listen I wouldn’t be where I am today.


theGrio: What advice would you give to girls who want to become a reality star?

Karlie Redd: I went to acting classes. I went to Harlem School of the Arts. I went to Alvin Ailey Dance Theater. I worked hard to get where I am. I would tell that little girl plant your seed, grow it, and work hard towards it. I would also say wake up in the morning and do three things towards what you really want to be in life and you will be a happy person.