#BabysittingWhileBlack: Racist woman calls police on Black man with White children

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Corey Lewis, a Black man who runs an afterschool mentoring program in Marietta, Georgia, couldn’t eat dinner in peace at a local Subway and was followed back to his home and met by police because of so-called suspicious activity.

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Lewis was eating at a Walmart Subway restaurant with two white children and targeted by a white woman who then followed him to a local gas station where she poked her nose in his business and asked to speak to the kids, reports WSBRadio.

Then the woman followed Lewis back to his home where police rolled up and started asking Lewis questions.

Given that so many living while Black scenarios have popped up where people of color have had the cops called on them for virtually nothing, Lewis pulled out his cell and started a Facebook Livestream on Sunday.

“All because I’m Black and have two white kids with me,” Lewis said on Facebook.

Lewis made it known to the officer that he was the victim and was followed and harassed by the woman. The officer insisted on speaking to the children to see if Lewis’ story is true.

“At this point in time it’s … like an OK check, to make sure everything is all right,” the officer says in the video.

The young girl explains that Lewis is their babysitter and afterschool caretaker. She explained they were eating dinner at Subway and had planned a trip to an indoor play place called Catch Air.

Lewis also had on a shirt branded with his business name. The officer then questions why Lewis was recording.

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“I’m letting the world know what’s really going on,” Lewis is heard saying in the video. “It’s 2018, I can’t step out into the community without being profiled.”

“It is what it is,” the officer tells Lewis. “Do you understand?”

The woman was not shown in the video.