VIDEO: Black woman records police officer manhandling her nephew in Georgia mall ‘He’s not doing anything, he had his rights’

Mall cop manhandles Black child in mall

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A video of a young Black boy getting his arm twisted like a pretzel by a white Georgia cop has many on social media outraged over the excessive force used at a time when murderous white men are seemingly captured without incident.

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The viral video was posted on Sunday on Twitter by an activist, Simar who called into question the hypocrisy of how the boy was treated at the Cumberland mall in in Cobb County, Georgia by a white cop. When the video begins the officer already has the boy’s arm locked in a twist as he and his aunt, who is video recording stand outside of an H&M shop.

“Somehow police officers can arrest mass murderers in America without a confrontation but when it comes to black kids they use excessive force. This is a little boy, having his arm bent & being tossed around by a cop at a mall in Cobb County. Cops in America need better training.”

As the officer manhandles the child, the boy’s aunt wasn’t having it and ordered him several times to let the child go.

The officer then threatens to send the boy to a juvenile detention center if he didn’t comply.

“Listen, you’re 12, stop,” the officer said.

“You’re going to a youth detention center, stop,” the officer continues.

The aunt gets the child’s father on the phone. “Chase, where are you, Chase, he’s got his hands on him,” she said.

“He’s not doing anything, he had his rights, he’s not even doing anything now sir,” she told the officer.

On the video, it’s clear the boy understood he had rights too and questioned the officer even as he was gripped up. The boy asked the cop to remove his hand. The cop continues to call for back up.

The aunt had enough as things heats up and she then tried to pull the boy away. The officer quipped: “you put your hands on me again … .”

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That’s when things goes off the rails as the aunt claps all the way back and the camera drops and shakes and she screams: “You put your hands on my m———-g nephew,” the aunt cries.

The video ends with a shot of another officer holding the boy while the cop picks up the cell phone as it’s recording and likely cut it off.

Sgt. Wayne Delk, the public information officer for the Cobb County police told the Grio about the incident, “It’s being investigated and we’re looking into it.”

This is a developing story.