Kennedy Segars

On Friday, a suspect who caused a crash that killed a college freshman home for her mother’s birthday, made his first court appearance and faced her grieving family.

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Kennedy Segars, 18, was killed in a car accident after a man charged with DUI hit the back of her car as she stopped for a traffic light near her parent’s DeKalb County home on Sunday.

Segars’ family came out in force to the DeKalb Magistrate courtroom in Decatur to dispute the bail hearing of the driver Reginald Stubbs.

“A family should never stand alone when we believe the death of their child was preventable,” said her family attorney, Mawuli Davis, 11Alive reports. “We will stand in support of this beautiful young woman’s life.”

“When this incident happened, she was supposed to come by the house the next day,” said Harry Williams, Kennedy’s godfather. “I was robbed of that opportunity to see her again. For that reason, Mr. Stubbs should not be released.”

Segars’ family opposed the house arrest that the suspect’s attorney asked for. They made mention that the family lives a mere mile away from Stubbs and do not feel comfortable with his release on bond.

The Magistrate judge didn’t come to a decision on Friday because emotions were high in the courtroom.

“I hope and I pray that the man responsible for this he pays for it,” said Fallon Barns, the victim’s best friend.

“Because I have not known anything but Kennedy my whole life, And on October 13th, that man took my best friend away from me, my sister! So, I want justice for Kennedy and I hope and pray that everyone out there that knows her and is familiar how beautiful of a soul she is, is able to use this as motivation because that’s what she would want everyone else to do.”

According to police, Stubbs was speeding at 70 mph when he rear-ended Segars’ vehicle. Segars was a college freshman at Alabama State University. She was home visiting for her mother’s birthday when the crash happened.

“Kennedy was a bright, energetic and loving spirit. I am proud to be her mother and I will stand for her and demand justice now that she is gone,” said Quvada Moreland, Segars’ mother. “I know our family and community will stand with us.”

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Stubbs, 52, survived the crash, but Kennedy was pronounced dead on Monday after suffering massive brain injuries. Stubbs refused to take a breathalyzer test at the scene, police reported. But they believe he was drunk and caused the accident.

“My daughter was very special,” Marvin Segars, Kennedy’s dad said. “She was very strong, very determined, she was just a grinder and for this man to take my daughter and try to even get a bond, it’s just crazy.”