Tracy Chapman SUING Nicki Minaj for stealing “Baby Can I Hold You”

The Grammy-winning artist isn't playing around with Ms. Minaj.


Tracy Chapman just made it clear she’s not to be fooled with.

The Grammy-winning artist is suing Nicki Minaj for stealing her song, “Baby Can I Hold You” and using it in her unreleased Nas collab, “Sorry.”

ICYMI, there was some drama concerning the sample before Minaj dropped her album, Queen. The rapper took to social media to plead with Chapman to clear the song, then admitted she refused to do so.

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Ultimately, the track was scrapped from the actual album, but that didn’t stop Minaj from playing it on the radio. Funkmaster Flex played the song on August 11 and it can still be found online.

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The version that was played on the radio doesn’t include Chapman’s vocals, but instead has Nicki singing her lyrics.

“My baby can I hold you tonight?/And maybe if I told you the right words/ Ooh, at the right time.” 

According to Pitchfork:

In the suit, Chapman claims Minaj’s song “incorporates the lyrics and vocal melody of [“Baby Can I Hold You”], its most recognizable and memorable parts.” And that Nicki used “these parts of [“Baby Can I Hold You”] without first seeking the authorization to do so.” In addition, the suit states that Champan’s track’s “lyrics and vocal melody comprise approximately half of [“Sorry”], and are easily recognizable and identifiable as Chapman’s.”

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Tracy Chapman is suing for damages and wants to prevent Nicki Minaj and her team from ever releasing the song.