Sabrina Flor/Instagram
Sabrina Flor/Instagram

There are plenty of Halloween costumes for parents to grab at their local stores, but one mom apparently didn’t think through a homemade costume for her 9-year-old son who dressed up as a battered and beaten Black slave.

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Sabrina Flor, a mother who lives in Brazil, posted a picture of her son dressed as a slave on her Instagram account on Tuesday and the backlash was swift with many calling the mom racist, the Daily Mail reports. The boy was drenched in Brown body paint and there were even fake welts to resemble bruises. The boy also wore chain and shackles to complete the slave ensemble.

The mother issued an apology after receiving heavy criticism. It was written in Portuguese, and the English translation reportedly reads: “I just wanted to apologize for the fact! It has never been my intention to offend anyone, I am extremely sorry for everything that has happened,” a translation of the statement reads. “I feel VERY wrong with the horrid curses and threats that they are sending me. Apologies to all, from the bottom of my heart! #Peace.”

The boy reportedly dressed as a slave for his school’s costume party.

According to Brazilian news site G1, child welfare and law enforcement officials, are now investigating Flor.

Her son’s school, Colegio CEI, released a statement condemning the costume choice.

 “Unfortunately, the choice of the costume for participation of Halloween, made by the student’s family, touched on a historical wound of our country,” the private school said.

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Tis the season for bad costume choices.

A bar owner in Picayune, Miss., banned a party-goer who wore a KKK robe and hood to a Halloween party at his place of business.

Racists are not allowed at Mutt & BC’s Bar & Grill and Bryan Carroll, co-owner of the bar made it known to a man who thought it was appropriate to suit up as a KKK member. You know, the group known for killing, lynching and terrorizing Black folks.

A clueless educator in Iowa is under fire too after painting her face Black to represent a moviecharacter as part of her Halloween costume.

And first grade teacher, Megan Luloff dressed up as LaFawnduh Lucas-Dynamite, a Black character from the Napoleon Dynamite movie, while attending a party and posing for pictures that surfaced online.

Why does this keep happening?