Trump 2020 poll shows he would lose to Oprah and Michelle Obama

Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey (Photo by John Phillips/John Phillips/Getty Images)


If this was 2020 and President Trump was up against women like Michelle Obama, Oprah, and Sen. Kamala Harrishe’d be in prime position to lose, according to a new Axios poll conducted by  SurveyMonkey.

‘Magical negro’: Racist robocalls hit Oprah, Stacey Abrams in contentious Georgia gubernatorial race

Women are the group that Trump is having trouble harassing, according to the poll. Some 64% of women view him unfavorably, and he needs that white suburban group of women voters to seal a second term, according to the poll.

“Many of Trump’s controversial moves — from child-separation policy at the Mexico border to the Supreme Court confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh — have eroded his support among women voters. The #MeToo movement and a record number of women running for office this year have also helped to empower women in the political sphere,” the Axios report states.

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Also, the poll shows that Trump’s favorability is just 40% among registered voters, compared to 62% for Obama and 55% for Winfrey. But as for now, the numbers are hypothetical and Winfrey has said repeatedly that she doesn’t intend to run for the Presidency.

Michelle Obama has also pushed back on a possible political run. But if she were to run, the poll says she’s got Trump beat and he trails her by 13 points.

The other women would give Trump a run for his untaxed money: he trails Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) by  9 points, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) by 6 points and his 2016 opponent, Hillary Clinton by 5 points.

Governor’s race in Georgia gets nasty

Scared racists are conspiring to intimidate and confuse voters of color ahead of crucial midterms across the country on Tuesday, including in Georgia’s closely-watched race that could see the first Black woman governor in U.S. history.

Here is a snapshot of tactics used in the historic race between Democrat Stacey Abrams and Brian Kemp, a white Republican who oversees elections as Georgia’s secretary of state: “Eleventh-hour legal decisions, a racist robocall, voter suppression, ballot access, and a protester donning a giant chicken suit and holding a sign that reads ‘too chicken to debate,’” The Associated Press notes.

The racist robocall that impersonates Oprah Winfrey went out last week to an unknown number of Georgians, writes the news outlet.

“This is the magical negro, Oprah Winfrey, asking you to make my fellow negress, Stacey Abrams, the governor of Georgia,” the call begins, according to recordings, writes The Hill.

“Years ago, the Jews who own the American media saw something in me – the ability to trick dumb white women into thinking I was like them,” the voice continues. “I see that same potential in Stacey Abrams.”

Both Abrams and Kemp condemned the robocall, which says it was paid for by The Road to Power, a group organized by Scott Rhodes of Idaho. He has been linked to several other racist robocalls, including a recent effort in Florida, where Democratic nominee Andrew Gillum would become the first black governor in his state’s history, The AP reports.