NOT HAVING IT: Whoopi Goldberg slams Abby Huntsman for praising Trump


Whoopi Goldberg went in on Abby Huntsman on The View for claiming there’s a positive side to Donald Trump‘s divisive rhetoric.

The newest co-host of The View claimed there is a silver lining to Trump’s antics, including his knack for spreading lies, by crediting him for inspiring more people to vote.

“I try to find the positive in these moments, and I think the one thing about his tone that has been helpful for this country is it motivated people to get out and vote,” Huntsman said. “Whether you like the tone or you hate the tone, people are voting. We’re already seeing this — 31 million people have already cast their ballots for this election.”

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Whoopi wasn’t having it.

“I don’t know if that’s worth the tone,” Goldberg said. “I don’t know if that’s worth it. I don’t know if him calling people names and talking about families and, you know, scaring people into thinking that brown people are coming to get them and take their jobs.”

Although Huntsman continued to credit Trump’s tactics for increasing voter registration, Whoopi quickly corrected her.

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“No,” she said. “It shows that people are scared and they know that this is not what you want in the guy that’s supposed to be running stuff, but I don’t know if the tone is — I can take a lot of stuff. As I said weeks ago, you know, when you start the conversation with ‘They are murderers and rapists’ or ‘They are this or they are that,’ for me, that shuts everything down. I can’t hear anything.”

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