Kanye West Donates $150,000 to family of hero security guard fatally shot by cop

Jamel Roberson thegrio.com
Jemel Roberson is survived by his 9-month old son, Tristan; Tristan’s mother, Avontea Boose, who is currently expecting their second child; and a host of family and friends. (Photos courtesy of Lee Merritt)

As Chicago church leaders demand that police fire the white Midlothian police officer who shot and killed a Black security guard, Kanye West has stepped up to help the victim’s family.

Jemel Roberson was reportedly working security at Manny’s Blue Room early Sunday morning when a gunman opened fire inside. Roberson who was also armed managed to pin down the shooter. Witnesses said when Midlothian police arrived, they told the officer that Roberson was a security guard, but a cop fatally shot him anyway.

West was so moved by the tragic story that on Friday, he donated $150,000 to a GoFundMe account set up for Roberson’s family. The original goal was $10,000, TMZ reports.

Meanwhile, Lee Merritt, an attorney representing the mother of Roberson’s nine-month-old son, has learned the identity of the killer cop and he intends to release the name if authorities do not.

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Merritt accuses the Illinois State Police and Midlothian Police Department of refusing to release the officer’s name to the public because they’re giving the cop a chance to “hide evidence.”

“They refused to release Amber Guyger’s name, which gave her a chance to scrub the Internet and hide evidence,” Merrit tells USA Today, referring to the white Texas police officer who shot a Black man inside his home earlier this year. “It’s exactly what’s going on here.”

Illinois State Police are pushing the narrative that the officer gave Roberson multiple verbal commands to drop his weapon and that he wasn’t wearing clothing that clearly identified him as a security guard.

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However, witnesses said he was wearing a cap and shirt labeled “security,” and the officer was informed by people at the scene that Roberson was a security guard.

Another security guard at the bar said the officer shot Roberson within seconds after telling him to drop his gun.

Rev. Michael Pfleger and other Chicago pastors reportedly descended upon the Midlothian Police Department Friday morning and demanded the officer be fired immediately. Pfleger also wants the officer charged with murder.