Tiffany Haddish says Taylor Swift gave her priceless dating advice to find the right guy ‘Credit score has to be over 700, no kids, have his own place’

Tiffany haddish
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The odd couple of Tiffany Haddish and Taylor Swift have become such fast friends that the musician, who’s written quite a few tunes about bad relationships, has offered up dating advice to the hardest working actress in Hollywood.

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Haddish recently took to Instagram to promote her Lawry’s Season Salt collaboration and to make a potential love connection and advertise that she was looking for a new boo.

“You know what, I’m about to go on Instagram right now and put out an advertisement because I’m very single,” the 38-year-old actress told PEOPLE while announcing her collaboration with spice company.

“I was talking to Taylor earlier — she said that’s what I should do!” the comedian added, saying that the two text “every other week or so.”

Swift offered her advice and Haddish took the bait and laid out her rider of what she looks for in a ride-or-die mate.

“Credit score has to be over 700, no kids, have his own place,” she says. “Basically don’t be living with your momma and daddy unless you are providing for [them].”

“[He has to] have confidence in himself, accomplish any task he sets out to do. Have a mole on his left foot. Good hygiene, pretty teeth,” she adds, laughing. “He has to have a great smile and has to be willing to smile.”

Good luck with that!

The Nobody’s Fool actress and the songstress reportedly ignited a friendship on the set of Saturday Night Live in 2017.

“Taylor was like, ‘Tiffany, Oh my God, I like you, we gotta hang out!’ I was like, ‘Yes! We gotta hang out girl, let’s hang out,’” she told Ellen DeGeneres last year.

Haddish then teamed up with Swift for her Reputation Stadium Tour, and made a cameo in a video.

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While we’re happy Haddish is feeling pretty joyful about love and friendships not everybody is happy about her Lawry’s deal.

In fact, some salty folks took to social media to slam the company and Haddish for teaming up, calling it racist to put a Black woman on the bottle.

Others pointed out however, that the hypocrisy is real.