When you have lived to be 74 years old and have remained at the top of your game, you call the shots and make the rules.

And that’s exactly what Diana Ross did Thursday at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade when she declined to use a microphone to lip-sync her performance.

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The soul icon was one of the performers who rode the floats through the streets of New York for the 92nd annual Macy’s holiday spectacular. While other performers donned microphones and did their best impersonation of live singing, Diana Ross is so bae she mouthed the words to her songs sans a mic— and she looked spectacular.

Braving the frigid temperatures, Ms. Ross acted like the boss she is, dancing and singing along to her own pre-recorded version of Paul McCartney’s, “Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time.” She looked like she was having a ball.

She also looked beautiful, dressed in a glistening white gown and fluffly and long fur coat.

As for her fun performance, Twitter could not get enough of it.

“Diana Ross, not even bothering to lipsync. Like the legend she is,” one fan tweeted.

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“Macy’s producer: Ms. Ross, the lip sync will look more convincing if you hold a microphone. Diana Ross: No,” Michael Roston tweeted.

The diva hitmaker was joined on her float by members of her family, including daughter Tracee Ellis Ross, son Evan Ross and his wife, Ashlee Simpson.

Like the fierce matriarch she is, her family followed suit and came dressed in all white.