Sex trafficker convicted of ‘modern-day slavery’ receives lengthy prison sentence

Jameek Lowery

A New Jersey man who lured drug-addicted women into a web of prostitution involving a well-organized sex trafficking ring, has been convicted of his crimes and sentenced to 18 to 36 years in prison.

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Dominic Roach of Camden, was the ring leader of what prosecutors referred to as a “modern-day slavery” at his sentencing, reported Roach reportedly pimped two women by forcing them into a world of prostitution and took the money they made by having sex with random strangers, Lancaster County (Pa.) Assistant District Attorney Karen Mansfield said.

“Human trafficking is quite simply despicable and those who commit these acts are predators on so many levels,” said District Attorney Craig Stedman.

Roach was convicted of 18 counts in September.

Roach operated his underground business out of various hotels. In seven different hotels, women were forced to have sex with strangers while high on drugs that Roach had given them. According to reports, he allowed them to keep a small cut of their earnings, but the women had to pay for their own hotel fees and foot the bill for their drug habit.

Roach was convicted of eight counts of promoting prostitution, four counts of trafficking individuals, two counts of conspiracy, two counts of involuntary servitude and two counts of living off prostitution, back in September. He also was found guilty of intimidating a witness.

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