Rap beef has a history of being petty. It’s an important part to any feud.

Sometimes, the petty involves a parody of another rapper in their video, like Dr. Dre did in 1992’s Dre Day. Sometimes it involves bringing in celebrity friends to hype it up, like Canibus did when he included Mike Tyson in his 1997 LL Cool J diss 2nd Round KO.

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Occasionally, the petty goes too far, like 2Pac’s legendary Hit Em’ Up, Jay-Z infamously invoking the mother of Nas’ child in 2001’s Super Ugly or, more recently, Pusha T outing Drake as a father earlier this year in The Story of Adidon.

But the next level of petty has come from Nicki Minaj in her continuing feud with Cardi B. In a video to accompany her song, “Good Form,” Minaj cast two strip club bartenders—Baddie Gi and Jade—who are preparing to sue Cardi. The women appear in the video, which features Lil Wayne, flanking Nicki, about 40 seconds into the video.

The issue with Cardi and the two bartenders stems from an attack that Cardi allegedly ordered because she believed Jade had slept with her husband Offset. The sisters were injured in the attack and Cardi was arrested last month for her alleged role in the attack.

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Nicki, who as we all remember, has had a long-standing issue with Cardi that came to a head at the NY Fashion Week party in September when Cardi threw her shoe and left with a large knot on her head.

Nicki even shined light on her pettiness, posting a picture with the duo on her Instagram.

No word yet from Cardi about this. What do you think will happen next, Grio fam?