One day after Travis Scott led a master class on creativity at Harvard, the Houston-born rapper tweeted that he would be officially applying to the Ivy League school this week, “and I really am excited!” he added, according to Complex.

Scott visited Harvard on Sunday to lead the “Master Class on Creativity” organized by a group called No Label. “We wanted our attendees to engage with a creative who defies the labels placed upon them and could speak to the journey of staying true to one’s vision,” No Label says of their decision to invite Travis to speak, according to Complex magazine. “With his creation of ASTROWORLD, Travis Scott has done just that.”

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When the free tickets were announced, they were quickly taken by 500 students within 30 minutes.

One attendee, Atri Raychowdhury, described the class to Complex: “It was an intimate conversation. Travis sounded very authentic, honest, and at times vulnerable. Sickamore did an excellent job moderating, allowing Travis to go off on streams of thought. I would describe the energy in the room as very open-minded, accepting and safe; it was powerful seeing students of such varied backgrounds, genders, ethnicities all coming together at an esteemed institution like Harvard. It doesn’t get more beautiful than that. I think Travis reciprocated this energy as well—he sounded very free, spoke from the heart, and genuinely looked to impart wisdom to every student in the room.”

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Travis also ensured that students stayed in the moment.

“He stopped mid-way through a train of thought, paused, and locked eyes with a student in the back row who was photographing with a mobile phone,” Raychowdhury told Complex. “He politely told them to put the phone away. He emphasized we should all be living life in the moment and to ‘just feel the vibe.’ It lightened the room and was received with cheers and laughter.

“To me, the thesis of the entire presentation was: Live in the moment,” he continued. “Have fun, be open to new experiences, and always stay creating dope shit. Hopefully by sharing this it can provide a creative spark and spread beyond Harvard walls—not only for artists, but also technologists, digital marketers, future start-up CEOs, and politicians.”