Ciara: Being married to Russell Wilson ‘makes me better’

In an interview with 'Wonderland' magazine, the singer says her marriage to the Seahawks quarterback makes her a 'better woman'

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Ciara’s marriage to Seattle Seahawks’ quarterback Russell Wilson had been her blueprint to becoming better, PEOPLE reports.

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The 33-year-old singer who dazzles on the cover of Wonderland magazine’s winter issue opens up about her husband and how she’s changed for the better as a woman because of his undying love and support.

“I do feel that I’m a better woman because of him,” Ciara says of her spouse. “Obviously I have my own vision for myself, but my husband definitely makes me better and that’s what marriage is about. You both make each other better.”

Ciara and her hubby have been #marriagegoals for many all across the internet, after they met in 2015 and refrained from sex until they tied the knot in July 2016. It was much like a fairytale too when they wed at Peckforton Castle in Cheshire, England.

Ciara has made a big comeback in the music realm this year with her single Level Up that became a dance anthem that harkened back to her Goodies days.

“When I made Goodies, I was this young girl, excited, untainted by any bad experiences and living my dream,” she said. “I’ve kind of had that all over again. I’m the most confident I’ve ever been.”

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“My mission is to inject love and to make the world dance,” she told the magazine about her upcoming music collection. “So on this project I want to keep that movement going. It’s how I felt when I put out my first album.”

She hopes to keep the energy going and to go on tour.

“It’d be really cool to do tours with stadiums,” she says. “And there’s a lot of business goals that I want to accomplish.”

And of course, even though she has a goddess-like body, the mom of two to 4-year-old son Future Zahir and 16-month-old daughter Sienna, she said she does want to add more babies in the mix.

“Hopefully there will be more kids, for sure,” she says. “Well, you know, I got time! I’m a woman of ambition on a mission, so when the timing is right, of course!”