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Ben Carson took aim at Maxine Waters, writing that she lacked “basic manners” when addressing President Donald Trump about homelessness.
The supermodel says she understands just why the Duchess of Sussex and her husband Prince Harry are taking legal action against the Daily Mail
A white teen girl plotted a racist attack against people at a Georgia church, police say. But her attack didn't take place only because of a schedule change

Chuck D suggested through a tweet that a conspiracy is behind the displays of crassness, violence and dysfunction on 'The Jerry Springer Show' and 'Maury'
A manager for the iconic hip-hop collective Wu-Tang Clan said he's in negotiation with officials in Seoul to build a theme park based on the group
Brooklyn-based rapper, Young M.A. has to be the fact that she has made history as the first LGBTQ+ rapper to cover Out magazine.

Years ago, studio executives surrounding the "Harriet" movie, reportedly wanted to cast white actress Julia Roberts to play the iconic abolitionist.
Michelle Obama’s memoir was such a big hit, and was so inspirational across the globe that she has penned a guided journal to help people be their best selves.
ASAP Rocky revealed that he wants to give back to the Swedish community by donating uniforms to inmates in the same Kronoberg prison where he served time.

Danielle Brooks, star of the hit drama 'Orange is the New Black,' is now a mom, and she's gushing over the birth of her brand new daughter
Pete Buttigieg's presidential campaign used an image of a Kenyan woman to promote his plan to address racial inequality in America.
A McDonald’s employee, who once filed a lawsuit against the cops for excessive force, was arrested for allegedly trying to poison a police officer.
A photographer reached out to a third-grader to help her spread her Black girl magic after her elementary school recently forbade her from wearing red extensions in her braids for school pictures.
An Atlanta-based woman has been charged with a federal crime after she admitted using one NBA player’s identity to secure $2.5 million in loans.
A Black man in Indianapolis says he was shopping with while Black when a cop confronted him and accused him and his cousin of “acting suspicious.”
T.I. will appear on Jada Pinkett Smith's 'Red Table Talk' series to talk about his policing of his daughter's hymen. At the same time, his daughter deletes her social media.
Kanye West has enlisted legendary Hip-Hop rapper and producer Dr. Dre for the second coming of his Jesus is King album.READ MORE: Kanye West brings Sunday Service to Dayton, Ohio in honor of mass shooting victimsThis record that Dr. Dre...
A Tucson deputy was called in to handle a disabled teen in a group home, but the video of him wrestling the boy to the ground has prompted an investigation
The widow of the late Congressman Elijah Cummings underwent a successful double mastectomy at Johns Hopkins Hospital.
DJ Vlad of Vlad TV wasted no time busting Lil Reece's bubble when he said he's not about to pay the "Us" rapper $1 million for his story