Michelle Obama dances with kids at Children’s Hospital and turns up better than Melania Trump

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No other first lady can outdo Michelle Obama and the proof is in her smooth moves when she danced for the kids on Thursday during a surprise visit at a Colorado children’s hospital.

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Obama and Santa Claus were getting jiggy wit’ it while spreading jolly good cheer as the first lady – dazzling in a stylish red pantsuit – read a classic tale, The Night Before Christmas, before taking a dance break thanks to one little patient’s pressing question, The Daily Mail reports.

Emma Jones, 14, wanted to know what Obama’s favorite dance move was. The mom of two teens didn’t immediately have any dances in mind, but did mention that she did not know how to do the very popular dance called “the floss”.

Well, that only meant that a dance break had to take place and the kids from the Children’s Hospital Colorado showed Obama just how to floss and do the “Orange Justice.”

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Even Santa started jamming along and dancing before professing that “Mrs. Claus says I cannot dance.”

In contrast to that exciting and heart-felt visit by Obama, frosty First Lady Melania Trump made a lackluster visit to the Children’s National Hospital in Washington D.C. earlier in the day

Trump put kids to sleep when she read Oliver the Ornament to about two dozen kids who were in the hospital.