Black students fight with Texas donut shop employees over alleged racial slur

Best Donuts in Killeen, Texas
Cellphone video captures a fight between customers and employees at Best Donuts in Killeen, Texas. (ScreenGrab)

On Saturday, a group of Black students jumped over the counter of a donut shop in Killeen Texas, threw punches and fought with the owners after they were reportedly called a racial slur. A video of the brawl has gone viral, The NY Post reports.

The business owners, Vicky T. and her father, Sophat, from the Best Donuts on Trimmier Road are speaking out about the troubling incident that happened between them and an Ellison High School student and his two sisters.

“He was just like throwing his stuff around, mocking me; I’m trying to take care of customers and he’s in the background,” Vicky T. told News 10.

Several reports make mention of one boy, the student, but the video shows that the store owners were engaged in a brawl with several people. Other reports identify the others in the video as the student’s sisters.

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The shop owner said the store was filled with students and one in particular instigated and stirred things up.

“The boy stands right there and tries to repeat what she’s saying. Trying to make funny noises or whatever,” Sophat said.

“I keep telling him to leave and he won’t leave, so I go around over there, he’s throwing his stuff around and one thing led to another,” Vicky said.

Another report indicates that the owner called the student names. Vicky admitted that there was a heated exchange of words, followed by a fight.

“The Ellison student is the one who jumped up on the counter in the video with his shirt off and was jumping up and down on the counter,” Terry Abbott, a spokesman for the Killeen school district, told the station. “But the people who jumped over the counter and were involved in the assault are not students. They are not connected with the school at all.”

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Abbott added, “This video, it shows some adults behaving very badly and they should get prosecuted for it.”

According to Killeen ISD officials, the student no longer attends a school in the district, something that was already in the works before this situation, the district said.

“My main thing is coming into our business is like coming to our house. You don’t come to our house and disrespect our house. This is how we make our living,” Vicky he said. The business owners do not intend on filing charges.

Here’s a look at what happened from Page Six TV.