REPORTS: Tiffany Haddish praises ex-husband who is suing her for defamation: “He’s a good person”

Tiffany haddish
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Tiffany Haddish has had an incredibly successful year despite her ex’s efforts to sue her for defamation.

The comedienne’s ex-husband, William Stewart, was upset by abuse claims she made against him in her memoir, The Last Black Unicorn, and sued her for defamation, libel, and slander in May.

In the chapter titled “The Ex-Husband,” Haddish, 38, revealed that throughout her five-year marriage (from 2008 to 2013), she suffered domestic violence at the hands of her ex-husband. Haddish claimed that her ex  choked, kidnapped and stalked her, as well as implied that his abuse might have led to the miscarriage of their unborn child, reports TMZ. Stewart denied the allegations, saying that Haddish had an abortion.

Although Haddish never actually mentions his name in the memoir, William Stewart says he was married to the Los Angeles native and has decided to file a lawsuit against her, according to TMZ. Per a lawsuit obtained by TMZ, Stewart is suing Haddish for $1,000,000, claiming that she defamed him in the New York Times bestselling book.

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Now, TheJasmineBrand has reportedly uncovered an audio recording of Tiffany Haddish singing her ex’s praises on what would have been their fifth wedding anniversary.

“I got married five years ago today. Yeah with the guy that I’m wi– well, I’m not with with,” she reportedly says.

“You know he’s a good person. He really is a very good person and he would be perfect for another person, not for me. Um. I’m a comedian, I’m always out. He’s very traditional, [he] wants his wife at home cooking meals; taking care of his kids, and I just have an issue of taking care of somebody else kids.”

In another clip, Haddish seems to explain what made her fall for her former husband.

“I really felt I could learn something from him. Because he was the police, he found my dad. He’s really resourceful, and I was like, ‘Oh. If I ever needed to find information about somebody, he could teach me how to do that.’ And he did, he did teach me how to do that,” she said. “And I thought he was rich, but I guess if you live in Georgia, making $60,000-$80, are fu*kin’ rich, but, in L.A., that’s like, minimal. Then he learned that too, and I tried to tell him that before he came out here, but he learned it the hard way.”

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Who knows what the circumstances were surrounding this particular conversation? Relationships are certainly complicated and people’s opinions about their exes often change like the weather, but we can’t help but wonder if Stewart would try to use this recording as evidence that he wasn’t abusive.

Listen to the audio recordings here.