Maori Davenport
Maori Davenport on Good Morning America. (ABC News/GMA)

Just in time for friday’s game, a judge has rule that Maori Davenport, the Alabama high school basketball player who was suspended for a USA Basketball accounting error.

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Last June, the Charles Henderson High School senior participated in the 2018 FIBA Americas U18 Championship as part of the USA Basketball team and they took home the gold. USA Basketball sends out payments to players who compete on its behalf, according to SB Nation and sent her the $857 payment, reports. Davenport and her parents asked the Henderson High School basketball coach if it was okay to accept the payment and they were told it was fine to cash the check because all the players received payment. The AHSSA ruled that Davenport’s acceptance of the check makes her ineligible to play in her senior year because it was a violation of the amateur rule.

The case caused many to cry foul in support of the 6’4 forward senior who they said should be defending her school’s state championship this year, but instead she is on the sidelines.

ESPN analyst Jay Bilas made it is personal mission to help Davenport out of what he views as an unfair situation. Once he became aware of the circumstances of Davenport’s suspension, he has regularly used his platform to advocate on her behalf.

Davenport also had support from superstar NBA players like Chris Paul and DeMarcus Cousins.

And now, for the first time since Nov. 29, Davenport will get to play.

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Pike County Circuit Judge Sonny Reagan ruled in favor of an emergency motion approving the return of the Charles Henderson’s star basketball player to play in Friday’s game against Carroll High School, reports.

“It’s show time,” Davenport said when she learned of the news.

Davenport, who returned the payment in full. can play as she awaits to go to a hearing before Judge Reagan.