Wake Up With George: Ep. 1: New Year, New Transgender Murder

George M. Johnson, contributor to theGrio.com, tackles the sobering news of 2019's first transgender murder in his new video op-ed series Wake Up With George.

George M. Johnson Wake Up With George thegrio.com
George M. Johnson

The new year has barely begun and yet we are already mourning the death of 31-year-old Dana Martin. Her untimely demise is believed to be the first murder of a transgender person in 2019.

George M. Johnson, contributor to theGrio.com, tackles this sobering news in the first installment of his new video op-ed series Wake Up With George. In this segment, George breaks down the horrifying statistics on transgender murder and he also highlights the specific vulnerability of Black transgender women like Dana Martin.

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Wake Up With George two times a week by visiting theGrio.com Here you’ll find George giving his intelligent, impassioned, and witty takes on current news as it affects the LGBTQ+ community.

George M. Johnson is a Black queer journalist and activist located in the NYC area. He has written for TheRoot, ET, HIVequal, TeenVogue, NBC News and several other major publications. Follow him on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram.

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Arrest Made in 2018 Murder of Transgender Black Woman

A Chicago high school senior is charged with murder after police say he shot a transgender woman in the head last August after ending a relationship with her.

Tremon Hill, 17, has been charged with first-degree murder for allegedly killing 24-year-old Dejanay StantonThe Daily Mail reports.

Hill was a student-athlete at Phillips High School and was reportedly involved in a relationship with Stanton that began in July of last year. Assistant State’s Attorney Britt Steinberg said Hill told Stanton he was 18 and that he wanted to have sex with her. Reports have labeled Stanton was a sex worker.

Police report that Stanton and Hill exchanged hundreds of text messages. In the last ones sent to the victim, investigators found that Hill expressed remorse for having sex with Stanton and that he was having suicidal thoughts.

Hill asked Stanton to delete the messages and photos from her phone that he had sent.

Hill reportedly persuaded Stanton to meet him at a parking lot, where she was found shot dead outside of her car. Stanton had been shot in the head.

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