A referee has been banned from officiating basketball games in Chesapeake, Va., after singling out a girl for wearing braids with blue weave during a basketball game on Saturday, according to NBC Washington.

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Erica Guerrier, who is the coach and mother of the 10-year-old girl, said the referee pointed at the young girl’s hair and said that hair weaves are against the rules. She said the referee made a spectacle of her daughter.

“The Chesapeake official came and they had my daughter come over and he pointed to, I guess the point where her natural hair meets the hair that was braided in, and said he didn’t know what that was, and I said that’s her natural hair,” Guerrier said, according to

Billy Haun, Virginia High School League Executive Director, said the referee should not have raised the concern publicly and Rick Ennis, Hampton Roads Basketball Association commissioner stated that the incident is under investigation and the referee won’t be working at any Chesapeake games in the future.

Guerrier revealed that she is frustrated by incidents related to athletics and Black people’s hair. She said wants an apology for her daughter.

“I’m hoping that if the refs can get more education, more training, than we can see a decrease in these issues,” Guerrier said.

Just last month, New Jersey high school wrestler Andrew Johnson was forced to have his dreadlocks cut or forfeit the match. The incident sparked an uproar on social media, raising questions about the treatment of players of color.

Johnson ultimately won the match and helped his school win the tournament, but he walked away “with his shoulders slumped and head down as he walks off the mat to be comforted by his team,” according to NBC Washington.

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We’re glad Guerrier was on hand to fight for her daughter in the fake post-racial America.